Ben's Judaica

A compilation of Jewish Names That comprises over 18,000 of illustrious people, some more some less.
People that lived, learned, worked, strived and created in one way or another.
The names of the celebrities were collected from books, newspapers, journals and articles
about Jews, no name was vainly added nor surreptitiously detracted. If someone was not
included (and there may be many), the compiler was probably not aware of him or her.

Some 2300 of them appear on ...philatelic matter, marked by .The compiler chose the person
objectively from the literatures by his own subjective evaluation of importance.
Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Benjamin Reuter, of blessed memory

Benny Reuter was born on November 11th, 1931, in the city of Harbin in Manchuria, China.
The family later moved to Tianjin in North China. His father owned a large commercial store for domestic painting materials. The family
was affluent and funded and supported the local Jewish school.
Benny began his studies at the Jewish school in Tianjin and graduated magna cum laude in 1948.

His plans for advanced studies in China were disrupted as a result of the revolution and the rise to power of the Communist regime.
Following one trial year at the Yenching University in Peking, Benny decided to forego his studies and immigrate to Israel with his
mother. This was made possible in the spring of 1953. They settled in Migdal HaEmek.
During his military service in the signal corps, Benny studied Physics at the Technion and
received his MA degree. He concluded his doctorate on The Physics of High Energies in the Weizman Institute in Rehovot.
He studied for his post doctorate at Bostons Harvard University from 1966 to 1968. Afterwards, married with two sons, he returned to Israel to continue his
Nuclear Physics research studies at the Weizman Institute. His research focused on sub-atomic particles and later, he was put in charge of the computerization
system at the Institutes nuclear physics department. In 1986, Benny established and managed a computerized support system for management and monitoring
of experiments and studies in the framework of the Weizman Institute Biology department. At the same time, he was a physics and astronomy lecturer in the IDFs
lecturer unit until the age of 55. He retired from the Weizman Institute in 1996.

Benny fought the second Egyptian army as a reserve soldier during the Yom Kippur war. He took part in the Lebanon war as a lecturer who visited IDF bases in

Benny Reuter had an extensive knowledge of History in general and the History of Israel in particular. He also spoke 5 languages, including Chinese. When
Chinese delegations visited the Weizman Institute, he would accompany them.

Throughout his lifetime, Benny was extremely faithful to his much loved hobby stamp collecting. He focused at first on Chinese stamps and then on Jews and
Judaism in stamps (Judaica) for which he created a detailed catalogue that was divided into two volumes, due to its large size. Benny managed to finish and
produce only the first volume. The second was almost ready for production but never saw light due to his untimely death.
His Jews and Judaism collection involved extensive research, which resulted in the creation of a significant database of knowledge about Jews who vastly
contributed to humanity with their diverse skills, but remained anonymous and their Judaism unknown.
Benny named this database Biographies, however he didnt manage to edit and publish it as a book.
His studies on Judaism in stamps granted him fame and international awards.

The website that bears his name is the appropriate platform for the vast material Benny collected over the years. This website will serve the public, researchers
and individuals interested in Judaica in general and Judaica in stamps in particular.

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